If others train harder - train smarter!

A good morning by Coaching by Trimaster: This breakfast place is one in its kind. When ever I visit this town I try to stay in this hotel of different reasons, but maybe the most important is the taste and atmosphere at the breakfast. I like to state that every time I leave I feel, no I know, today I will do a better more energetic job, be more aware, emphatic and thankful than normally.
How did they achieve that level? Just trying hard every single day? Actually I have my doubts. This is old school. Like downloading a standard program and doing the exercise over and over again in the hope to become a better athlete. This will work maybe for a while but will cost in total by far to much.
No they do a different approach. The get in real personal contact with you.
Have you ever been welcome by your given name at check-in BEFORE you even said something? Sure the have a trick, but think about the effect. The get feedback. At the breakfast they offered a new cheese they like to introduce and asked what I think. I waited at the lobby for my next meeting and the asked me if I like something to drink and which type of tea I prefer. Well, you get the point. It's not just do things harder, it's about have the right twist to improve. Not missing the important details.
So what twist will you put on your day and training?
I wish you a perfect day and a wonderful weekend, where ever you are.

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